UFC has its moments

I feel like if I ever write about the UFC it’ll be treated like Walter Slobchak dressing down Donnie about walking into the middle of a movie. So when I walked into a friend’s house with a

semi serious interest in the Kamaru Usman-Leon Edwards fight, I only knew as much as I gleaned from proofing the Dana White story Deadspin staff writer Stephen Knox wrote.

It seemed like Usman’s quest to tie a record set by Anderson Silva was a big deal.So when the majority of the fight was Usman trying to QB sneak his legacy across the one-yard line, I felt like

everyone else in the room was lamenting the glorified game of pattycake. Then, with less than a minute left in the main event, Edwards shattered Usman’s dream. And his face.

There’s nothing like being in a room full of degenerates who are lusting for a result in a bloodsport. Hopefully, these fighters can get the money that a kick to the orbital bone can merit.

Never mind how lucky it came across from the point of view of a pedestrian, a devastating KO is always welcome when the setting is right. Alright,I give, Albert Pujols’ return to St. Louis is amazing

Everyone can relate to not wanting to attend an event despite those who know us best pleading, “Please come.You’ll love it.”Usually,the instances involve children who can’t fathom 10 minutes from now

or two seconds without a favorite toy. Then you arrive, and it’s like Albert Pujols never left.

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