The #1 Worst Juice for Weight Loss

Including juice in your diet can be a quick and tasty way to get some extra nutrients you need every day. However, not every juice is created equal, & some may actually be better for you than others.

For instance, sugary juices are not the best choice if you're watching your weight. If you enjoy these juices, there's no need to cut them out of your diet, but being mindful of how much you consume

can aid in your weight loss efforts. "We tend to overconsume 100% fruit juice because we believe it to be so healthful for us,"

Natural grape juice, for instance, contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals but also a lot of calories and sugar. If you're on a diet, cutting back on sugary juice may help you

reach your goal weight more quickly because of the lack of fibre and protein they contain.In one cup, grape juice contains 35 grammes of sugar. There are 35 grammes of sugar in a serving

of Welch's 100% Grape Juice, but only one gramme of protein and no fibre.Juices in general can contribute to weight gain, and grape juice may be among the worst offenders.

Studies have shown that beverages with added sugars are often to blame for the obesity epidemic. What's more crucial is remembering that consuming nutrient-dense foods and drinks is often helpful

when following a weight loss plan because they help you feel fuller for longer.A recent study found that the natural sugar found in the majority of fruits and fruit juices did not help with

feelings of fullness.Because the fibre has been removed from fruit juice, the sugar in the juice enters your bloodstream much more quickly than it would if you ate the fruit whole.

In addition to decreasing the rate at which sugar enters the blood, fibre also aids digestion, making you feel full and satisfied for longer. In fact, studies have linked high-fiber

diets to enhanced weight loss.

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