The #1 Best Snack for Blood Sugar

"Apples with your favourite nut butter are the ideal blood sugar-regulating snack," The combination of the fruit's dietary fibre and the nut butter's protein and fat should help maintain

To maintain good health, a balanced diet should include an adequate amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Protein, fat, and fiber keep your levels steady.

However, eating a lot of carbohydrates raises levels because sugar is released into the bloodstream after digestion. While cutting back on carbs can help you keep your blood sugar levels in check,

Maintaining steady glucose levels can also be aided by eating enough protein and fat. The impact of protein on glucose levels is negligible.

Protein-rich foods have a significantly longer digestion time than carbohydrate-rich foods,sometimes taking up to four hours. The digestion of fat (the good kind,like that found in nuts & nut butter)

is slowed, which results in a later rise in glucose levels.Even though it isn't a macronutrient in and of itself, fibre is an essential part of carbohydrates and can help with glucose management

High-fiber snacks are better for blood sugar control because they cannot be broken down into sugar molecules.

Apples with nut butter are a great healthy snack because they contain fibre, protein, and fat. An apple's 4.4 g of fibre accounts for 17% of the RDI, so eating one daily is a great way

to get your fill (DV). A serving of peanut butter (2 tablespoons) provides 8 grammes of protein (16% DV), 16 grammes of fat (24% DV), and 2 grammes of fibre.


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