The #1 Best Meat for Your Health

In the study that focused on plant-based meat alternatives as well as plant-based dairy alternatives. The findings showed that eating plant-based meat resulted in weight loss and increased muscle

while also adding additional amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants into the diet which all offer valuable benefits for the body.

"In particular, overweight patients can benefit from switching from chicken to mycoprotein, which will increase their fiber intake, increase satiety with fewer calories, & decrease insulin response."

"Plant-based animal product alternatives can also help lower cholesterol, & provide benefits for gut health,"  while noting that "[m]aking these simple switches can have substantial health benefits."

When it comes why to plant-based meat can be a healthier option, "animal protein is a source of saturated fat, which is a contributor to heart disease."

"shifting from animal protein can help lower the intake of saturated fats, thus helping to reduce the risk of heart disease."

 "If plant-based meats retain some of the plant fiber, this would be a plus since animal protein does not contain fiber. The third potential benefit is satiety.

Plant foods generally take longer to eat and digest, helping people feel full longer." "check the list of ingredients to make sure that the plant protein is within the first three ingredients."

Next, you'll want to "look at the protein content—1 ounce of animal protein is about 7 grams of protein, how does the plant-based food compare?

Also, check the sodium since processed foods often contain more salt—you can also look for sodium or salt in the list of ingredients." "Finally, check the fat content, and the source,

since fat is often added to boost flavor—no point in reducing saturated fats if you boost total fat intake," "Remember that coconut oil and palm oil are plant fats that are high in saturated fat."


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