Surprising Effects of Cranberry Juice

Along with being nutrient-dense and filled with vitamin C, cranberry juice is also known to be a great source of antioxidants.

1. rich in antioxidants

"[They are] well-understood to be one of nature's superfoods containing tiny bioactive compounds called polyphenols which have been shown through more than 50 years of research to

provide numerous health benefits," A report proves that cranberry bioactives can positively affect "blood pressure, glucose metabolism, lipoprotein profiles, oxidative stress, inflammation,

and endothelial function." Cranberry juice, in particular, is a powerful way to get antioxidants.

If your mother ever told you to drink cranberry juice for your womanly health, she wasn't wrong. This juice can, in fact, positively affect your urinary tract health,

2. can help UTI health

decreasing your risk of developing infections. "The unique combination of polyphenols found in cranberries have anti-adhesion properties  that can help prevent certain bacteria from sticking

within the body and help maintain urinary tract for UTI health," Another study evaluated women who drank 8 ounces of cranberry juice a day and found it reduced their risk of recurring UTIs by 40%.

"The powerful oxidative stress-reducing properties of cranberry polyphenols have been shown to reduce risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease

3. can decrease oxidative stress

and help with heart health," A study stating the consumption of cranberry juice for study participants over a 60-day period resulted in improved cardiovascular risk factors

due to the cranberry's oxidative properties.

Lastly, according to Perkins, research suggests the consumption of cranberry products can also help to maintain a balance of good bacteria in your gut

4. can benefit gut health

which is important for decreasing the risk of developing all kinds of diseases including metabolic diseases,cardiovascular disease,immune & endocrine disorders,cancer,bone disease,Alzheimer's, & more

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