Selena Gomez's Own Ice Cream Brand

Selena Gomez is known for her music, acting, and producing, but she also makes ice cream. The former Disney Channel star has been a Serendipity co-owner since 2020.

Gomez, who underwent a kidney donation from her closest friend in 2017, leads a healthy lifestyle but enjoys sweet indulgences. And we're not just talking about "Ice Cream."

As if her resume wasn't enough, she owns her own beauty line, Rare Beauty.

Gomez is a mental health activist. She's joined up with Serendipity to contribute 1% of every ice cream purchase to the Rare Impact Fund for mental health services.

Gomez: "Bringing awareness to mental health is really personal to me." I'm glad Serendipity Brands is supporting the Rare Impact Fund and mental health resources.

For National Ice Cream Month and a worthy cause, I sampled Selena Gomez's ice cream.

I had great hopes for Serendipity, a New York City institution since 1954 for its sweets. And these flavorful pints surpassed all of them.

Serendipity isn't your average soft serve shop. From Forbidden Broadway Sundae to Unicorn Bliss Sundae, the flavours are interesting and tasty. It's deliberate. 

Each Serendipity ice cream flavour was inspired by desserts and sundaes served at Serendipity3 since 1954, said Head Chef Joe Calderone.

What does Gomez like best? So we presume it's her Cookies & Cream Remix taste.

But Calderone also loves the Frozen Hot Chocolate and Birthday Cake flavours. And with her 30th birthday on July 22, we wonder if she'll dig in this weekend.

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