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McDonald's Menu Adds New Big Mac In US

Burger King had a trademark sandwich before McDonald's (MCD). Before the Whopper debuted Burger King in 1957, both had simple, execution-focused menus.

In the beginning, neither chain offered limited-time or permanent specials. Both Burger King and McDonald's sought to provide a burger (or cheeseburger), fries, and beverage.

Burger King fell behind its competition when it developed the Whopper in 1955. The Big Mac didn't emerge until 1967, a decade after that sandwich's breakthrough.

Once it arrived, the Big Mac was a smash. The restaurant has avoided introducing versions like Burger King's Whopper to avoid diluting its success.

McDonald's unveiled a new Big Mac that may be the chain's biggest burger ever.

Since chicken joined the McDonald's menu, a Chicken Mac appeared obvious, but it was unclear if it would feature fried or grilled chicken patties, or both.

Chew Boom stated that McDonald's will test the Chicken Big Mac in Miami by August 2022.

The Chicken Big Mac swaps beef patties for chicken, according to the website.

If the test goes well, McDonald's will roll out the Chicken Big Mac nationwide.

 After a successful pilot in the U.K., the fast-food business decided not to roll out the McPlant countrywide.


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