McDonald's Is Pulling This Burger Off the Menu

McDonald's is a powerhouse at developing famous things, but it's not an innovator. Last year, it tested a novel burger but has since pulled it.

McDonald's reported this week that its U.S. test of the McPlant burger has ended as planned, and there are no signs of more testing or a wider deployment.

Early testing in 2021 were good enough to warrant an extended test at 600 outlets this year, but the plant-based burger didn't sell well enough to stay on the menu.

Low sales of the McPlant in California and Texas are the major reason McDonald's is dropping the burger, experts say.

We believe McDonald's has ended its US McPlant burger test. MCD staff at 25 sites that formerly stocked the product told us it's no longer available.

The chain didn't immediately comment on the burger's condition.

Those in the know aren't surprised. Since the beginning of the year, rumours have lingered about the McPlant's reception in the U.S.

Urban cities like Dallas and San Francisco sold 20 McPlants a day, whereas rural and suburban areas sold 3 to 5 burgers a day. 

The McPlant was manufactured to order, which might have slowed operations at McDonald's, where speed and efficiency are crucial.

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski dubbed the chain's approach to plant-based fast food "Darwinian" (aka whatever sells massive volumes gets to stay on the menu).


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