Burger King, owned by Restaurant Brand International, is always up for a challenge, and now it has plans to produce a brand new dish that is pretty inventive indeed.

The "Ice Whopper" is Burger King's latest twist on the classic Whopper, and the name is self-explanatory given the ice coating.

This chilled burger and frozen bottle of Coca-Cola (COKE) are only available in Japan as part of a limited time special package dubbed the "Natsukoi Set."

Which retails for 1000 yen ($7.45 U.S.). You can't buy it at the counter at a Burger King; instead, you must place your order in advance on this page.

The Natsukoi set will be available for purchase for just two days, August 19 and 20, at the temporary Burger King store at Umi no le Oasis on Morito Kaigan Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Simply said, you need to be at a very precise location at a very certain moment in order to sample this cold meal.

Burger King is, without a doubt, the king among fast food companies eager to undertake outlandish promotions to attract new customers.

Burger King's boldness in trying new things to attract customers is excellent, as seen by its "pregnancy cravings" marketing campaign

 including anything from ice cream to fried herring stuffed into Whoppers and by the incredibly gigantic Tokyo Teriyaki Tower Burger.

Sixty percent of Burger King's total systemwide revenue came from its overseas operations.

Burger King's foreign division has been quite successful recently, growing its presence in a number of important worldwide regions and contributing to

to another quarter of impressive system-wide sales growth, increasing revenue by 28% and adding almost $600 million in sales year over year.


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