6 Worst Snacks for High Blood Pressure

1. Sunflower seeds

This snack is great for long car rides and baseball games, but it's bad for your health.

Sunflower seeds have been found to contain as much as one thousand milligrammes of sodium per serving, but this varies widely by brand.

Sodium is used in processed meats for preservation, salt is added to cheese for flavour and to prevent bacterial growth, & crackers are extremely high in salt.

2. Processed meats and cheese & crackers

Try to get your hands on some uncured meats, some low-sodium cheeses like parmesan or swiss, and some low-sodium crackers.

There are 390 milligrammes of sodium in a single serving of processed cheese like Velveeta.

3. Chips and queso

It's easy to overeat dips like queso because it's difficult to determine how much to eat at once.

While pickles are low in calories and filling, they are extremely high in sodium. "A typical 1-ounce serving contains between 250 and 300 milligrammes of sodium."

4. Pickles

"Need a warm snack on a chilly day? Open a can of broth. It's time to reevaluate your position. One cube of broth-making stock can have as much

5. Canned soups and broths

as a thousand milligrammes of sodium." In order to find the low-sodium options, it is important to read the food label.

"Sodium content varies widely, but bagels and related products like bagel bites can be quite high. When paired with a sugary spread like cream cheese,

6. Bagels or bagel bites (frozen)

bagels might not have a salty flavour." As a result, people with hypertension should be aware that some baked convenience foods contain high levels of sodium.

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