5 Worst Foods To Eat for High Blood Sugar

The sugar content of many fruit-flavored yoghurts is higher than that of many sweets,Instead, I recommend trying plain Greek or Icelandic yoghurt and sweetening it with honey.

1. flavored yogurts

Greek yoghurt and Icelandic yoghurt, both of which have more protein than regular yoghurt, can be used to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Yogurt can be jazzed up by adding fresh fruit or seeds

Simply put, smoothie bowls are just bowls filled with blended fruits and vegetables. Just adorned with a few extra pieces of fruit, nut, and topping art.

2. Pre-made smoothie or acai bowls

Acai bowls, made from a crimson-colored fruit, are especially popular. Even though ready-made versions are tasty and often healthy, they can't compare to a bowl made from scratch.

There's nothing inherently wrong with fruit or smoothies, but store-bought varieties typically contain little more than fruit juices like apple juice and pineapple juice,

and they're devoid of dietary fibre and protein.Protein and fibre are hard to come by in pre-made smoothies and smoothie bowls.Many of the premade bowls sold in supermarkets are quite high in

total carbohydrates, which can further raise already elevated blood sugar levels.

Faster than lower glycemic index foods, high glycemic index foods raise blood sugar levels. White flour products, refined starches, and refined starch-based snacks like potato chips

3. Processed carbs

& pretzels are examples."the glycemic index only measures foods when eaten alone." Eat them with protein and fiber-rich foods instead of eating them on their own to lessen their effect on blood sugar

Some cereals may have a high total carbohydrate content without providing enough protein or fibre. These two nutrients are essential for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

4. Sugary cereals

To get the most out of your breakfast cereal, choose one with at least three grammes of protein and three grammes of fibre per serving.

Unfortunately, eating handfuls of candy will only cause your blood sugar to rise even higher if it is already high.

5. Candy

"It's unlikely that eating candy of any kind would have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Avoid it until your blood sugar levels are more stable."

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