4 Surprising Effects of Cottage Cheese

One of the most notable benefits of eating cottage cheese is the large protein boost you'll get. For example, there are about 24 grams of protein

1. You'll get a boost of protein

in just one cup of standard 2% cottage cheese, which is comparable to a plain 2% Greek yogurt like Fage.Not only do you get to enjoy a boost of protein, but you can do so with the peace of mind that

you're consuming a low amount of sugar (about 9 grams, mostly from the lactose) and zero added sugar. This gives you the freedom to add your own sweetness, either with fruit or a drizzle of honey.

Cottage cheese is a low-fat, high-protein snack that can help aid in your weight loss goals. Studies show that eating healthy foods that are high in protein is

2. It may help promote weight loss

extremely effective for weight loss because it increases satiety and leaves you feeling full for longer periods of time.

Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of calcium.One cup of 2% cottage cheese comes with 227 milligrams of calcium which is about 18% of your recommended daily value.

3. You'll get a calcium boost

This is comparable to a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, so if you're getting tired of eating yogurt and need to switch it up, cottage cheese is a great choice.

Another amazing benefit of eating cottage cheese is that you get a nutritious, filling snack with very few calories from fat. Many people may be weary of

4. You won't consume a lot of fat

snacking on cottage cheese because it has cheese in the name, but the fat content of cottage cheese is different than most other types.As a comparison, let's look at cheddar cheese.

Cheddar does provide a nice boost of protein (24.5 grams per cup), but you're also consuming almost 35 grams of fat. You can get the same amount of protein in a cup of low-fat cottage cheese

with only 5 grams of fat! While fat is not necessarily bad for you, gram for gram, it is higher in calories than nutrients like protein or carbs—with 9 calories per gram as opposed to just 4

making cottage cheese a lower-calorie snack than other fatty dairy products.

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