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Podium provides messaging software to connect you to your customers.
The pandemic has changed local business—maybe forever. Running a local business in 2022 looks a lot different than running a business in 2019, not to mention the rapid changes that were already occurring in the last decade. So what does it mean? What changes have businesses made, and which changes have worked for your customers?
If you run a local business, you’ve likely gone through it for the past two years—supply chain disruptions, raising prices, and an unpredictable customer base and labor market. Those wild swings have caused huge disruption across industries, even leading to many established businesses closing their doors. The businesses that will be best suited to survive and thrive will be ones who can adequately prepare for unpredictability.
In a recent study from Podium, more than 1,300 customers and 900 local businesses across the U.S., Canada, and Australia were surveyed to find out what customers want and how that can shape your business decisions. It’s not enough just to coast along—find out how to be at the forefront of customer demands and how to rise ahead of the competition.
Here are the five key insights from the report.
With the continued unpredictability of labor and materials and a notable uptick in demand, many businesses are focusing on working smarter to capitalize on what they have. Optimizing your operations to handle such changes now will become make-or-break in meeting consumer needs in the future.
With staffing and hiring top of mind this year and into next, many businesses are investing in technology to make their employees’ lifts lighter. Seventy-five percent report purchasing technology in the past 12 months to help their teams work more efficiently.
“Podium was the perfect solution. [Patients are] actually going to engage with my staff—people who are intimate with what we do and can speak to anything,” Julie Davis, President/CEO, Pura Vida, was quoted in the report.
According to the data, today’s consumers look for ease of doing business second only to price as a key differentiator of local businesses. This preference increases when it comes to repeat business and referrals.
It’s true that customers still want pandemic-friendly services. However, customers also expect more convenience—more digital and mobile communication options and contact-free transactions and payments.
Nine out of 10 consumers go out of their way to do business locally. While local businesses can and should aim for Amazon-level convenience, they should lean into what their customers prize them for—being local.
Things are looking up. Eighty-five percent of business owners surveyed said they’re optimistic about the year to come. For more insights, statistics, and customer stories, you can read or download Podium’s full report here.
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